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    “Women represent fifty percent of graduates in the major countries of the world. Neglecting women in recruitment or promotion is neglecting half of the world’s brain power. Beyond this very basic motivation, I believe gender diversity is a tremendous asset and a powerful differentiator for companies. Gender balance is, like any diversity, an accelerator for innovation. The best way to think out of the box is to encourage a range of ideas. The difference women bring in the workplace is critical and adds tremendous value to the business. Finally, gender balance is essential for stability and harmony in a company. Dual-gender teams work better and with a more balanced sensitivity to issues. Women leaders often bring to the table a more mature approach to their career ambition and create a different emotional bond with their teams and peers. The more managers are open to gender differences, the more inclusive our business will be. In the end, the question is not if we should foster gender balance, but more so how it can be done. The reality is that changing mentalities is always the most complicated thing in society. Every revolution needs a lot of change management. ”

    Jean-Pascal Tricoire
    Chairman and CEO, Schneider Electric
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